Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sHawLs ak iLanGGgggggg!!!!

uwaaaaaaaaaaaa~~..citer sedey nie, kn ari 2 ak de bli shawls through on9 kn..ak order 6 lai, tp yg smpai kt tgn ak 4 lai jer...i thought d 2 more will b here on nxt day o kapel of days, tp xde plak cz ak da chck out list brg yg smpi kt jkmas mel. pos...then ak cntct org yg jual shawl tew, ckp pny ckp..ropeny ilang dlm pengeposan kot cz envlope yg smpi kt ak jauh beza dgn envlope yg tokey tew ckp, bru ak pasank ropeny envlope shawls tew b' loytape, ade bks da bukak,terang lg nyate..ak ingtkn mmg envlope 2 b'loytape,mklm r..truja shawl bru, xpasank r sme tew..mjur ak smpn lae envlope tew,then ak cek..mmg sah2 ade org amek shawl tew b4 smpai kt tgn ak...kurengggggg pnye manusia..smpai ati dorg amek shawl ak tew..da la yg lawa2..pnye la ssh ak nk ordr cz limited edtion shawl tew..alih2 dpt kt org len..mmg skt ati tul, nk report kt pjbt pos pn raseny dorg xbley watpe gak kn,so ak mls nk kcau dorg..ak hrp org yg amek shawl ak tew cpt2 r b'taubat..xbek amek brg org..b'dose!!!

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