Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year 2010

..its 1 Jan 2010..

..aigoo~~ time passed so fast.. by days..

..month by months..

..year by years..

..hope all of u may works harder n harder..

..its the only way.. achieve the dreams..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas

..merry christmas to all whose celebrate it...
..enjoy the day with your lovely family..
..have a great presents...

..enjoy this song..from my lovely oppa..
click here

Sunday, December 20, 2009

shining inheritance

... i already finished watching the Shining Inheritance (Kdrama).. at last..
...its good drama..full with tears...
..but not as full as Green Rose..hehe..
..Luv all of the characters..
... 6 stars to them..applause!!

for those who want the Shining inheritance ost mp3 download

Saturday, December 19, 2009

hit & cry

..yesterday, a crazy hen appeared at our wet kitchen.. sis hit it with a broomstick..on the hen's head exactly..
..then, the hen die!!.. sis cried hardly coz she knew it was her fault..
..maybe, she think too much bout animal violence issues...haha..
..while she cries badly, the hen slowly move..
..she screamed!!..
..the hen acts like conscious from the fainted..
..juz like miracle, i also thought the hen already dead..
..maybe bcoz of my sis's tears..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

malaysia vs. vietnam

..hip hip hoorayyyyy..

..mlysia wins 4 d soccer on SEA games 2009..

..1-0.. fmly n i watch it together..

..we cheer it up 2gthr n make a big screams..

..haha.. award 4 1 hijriah..alhamdullillah...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


..tonight, i found many stars...

..its been a while since i further studied...

..really beautiful...

..reminds me to d scenes of Gun Jun Pyo & Gum Jan Di<BOF>...

.. n hwang tae kyung & Go mi nam~ YAB~...

..makes me really happy... fantasy again..hahaha..

Friday, December 11, 2009

sweet dream

..mimpi best td...
..snsd taeyeon,sooyoung,jessica n suju donghae, teukie dtg..
..dorg tolong make ovr ak as a bridesmaid.. bf wedding = havoc n glamer..

..sdikit sbyk kisahnye

sooyoung : boyaaa..nape nie zara?
ak : anyo, ak rse xsyok r rmbt pndk cmnie, x cun..ak pn nk glamer cm pngntin gak!
sooyoung : ala, cun ape..ak pn rmbt pndk gak..cute..
ak : aaaah.. ko tiru ak kn..chinca'
sooyoung : kerre'~~ mmg pn.. :)
taeyeon : weh zara, td ko mntk wig nie kn..ko nk ke?(smbil belek2 wig)
jessica : ko nk pkai wig pnjg 2 ke weh? ayu la ko nnt..chinca'..(sica effect)
ak : (oo,) jungmal?
tiba2 donghae dtg mnyampuk..
donghae : nay,zara sshi pkai pe pn cntik..chinca'.. Onul jungmal yeppuda(smbl knyit mate kt ak)
ak : tersenyum lebarrrrrrr yg amatttt
**teukie bz lyn guests..

**skrip cmpurn..korean + malay...**

..tgh2 syok b'gelak ktwa dgn dorg, then ak t'jaga..
..nie mst nangis jugak nie..

..hope this dream comes true...

langgar tiang

...ari nie agk malang buat ak...
...ak langgar tiang ampaian luar umah ak...
...mau bengkak pipi ak...
..nie msti rase sakit nie..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

you're beautiful

jjangg!!! tepat kul 1.33am td ak da abes tgk citer u're beautiful...bestttt!!!
7 stars 2 them.. A.N.JELL

smnggu lbey gak mse ak abes kt citer ni

skank nk lyn sHining inherItance plak..mmuuahhhaa~~